Real estate companies must make the transition to the internet to attract and retain customers by developing digital marketing campaigns.

The internet has changed the way consumers shop. From planning a vacation to finding a home, the first thing they do is turn to search engines to research options and read recommendations.

This new consumer dynamic makes it essential that you forge a synergy between real estate and digital marketing so that your agency has a presence where people interested in buying or renting a property will first look for it.

What do we talk about when it is digital marketing?

It is a strategy based on the optimization of your website to attract prospects and that they find you when they investigate through search engines, as well as in direct communication with prospects through social networks and email.

With digital marketing you can segment your audience very well and, in addition, have access to valuable information about your visitors to personalize your communication with them according to the stage of the purchase cycle in which they are to guide them towards conversion and loyalty.

Among the advantages of using digital marketing are:

  • Relatively low cost makes campaigns affordable for small and medium businesses.
  • Given its reach and penetration and the precision to segment, it is much more profitable than traditional media.
  • It allows to establish measurement parameters that help to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaigns and to make frequent adjustments.

How to implement it in real estate?

These steps are being followed by Tajarat properties and other real estate agencies.

  1. Evaluate your website (and if you don’t have it yet, what are you waiting for?). From the quantity and quality of the text and visual content you publish and the speed with which it loads this information to its ease of viewing on mobile devices and its search engine optimization, there are many elements that you must consider making your site attractive and easy to find.
  2. Design a strategy for your social media accounts. They are the main tool for disseminating the content you publish on your website, as well as allowing you to carry out perfectly segmented advertising campaigns and generate a direct conversation with your customers.
  3. Use cutting-edge digital tools. They don’t have to be expensive software. You will find many free platforms that allow you to track the behaviour of visitors on your website, keep track of their interactions with your agency and extract and analyse information about them that will be useful to personalize the automatic emails you send them.

What are the new trends in real estate marketing?

Specifically, in real estate marketing, these are the trends that you should pay special attention to:

  • Your website must be responsive. The vast majority of users will visit on a smartphone or tablet, so it is vital that you make sure that they can easily view your content on them.


  • Generate stories about real estate. Implement a content marketing strategy that includes relevant information of interest to your prospects in order to attract them, awaken confidence in them and position yourself as an opinion leader in the sector.
  • Use 360º videos and images. Love is born from sight and displaying your property inventory in an attractive and dynamic way with high-quality images will increase the interest of potential clients.
  • Take advantage of social networks as an advertising medium but also as a direct communication channel with your audience.
  • Maintain continuous communication with your customers through emails that are relevant and of interest to them.
  • Include call-to-action buttons in your emails and on social networks that lead prospects to a landing page on your website where you offer them extra content in exchange for leaving their contact information, which will help you form your own database.

Have you started applying digital marketing strategies in your real estate agency? Do you want to improve your results?


In a digital marketing strategy, social media monitoring is as important as the impact they have on your audience.

Social platforms not only serve you to spread your content, but they are also very useful marketing tools to listen to your target audience.

The benefit of social media monitoring is that you can gather and analyse very useful information about your customers and prospects that can guide your business decisions not only in your marketing campaigns but also in the production and distribution processes of your company.

This accumulation of information and the results of its analysis is what is called “social intelligence”, which includes knowing in depth your audience as well as your competition.

And doing this research and analysis exercise doesn’t have to be expensive, thanks to the many social media monitoring tools that are freely available. Here we list some of the most useful:


It has become a classic tool, due to its ease of managing different social platforms but also because of the follow-up you can give to the conversations on them and the statistical reports that tell you everything about your followers.

Social Mention

It is convenient for you to be aware of what is said about your brand on the network, and this tool informs you about it. It reports the mentions of your brand in more than 80 sites and, in addition, classifies them in these categories: reach, passion, feeling and strength.


Hear what consumers are saying about your brand so you know when to step into the conversation to improve engagement. This platform gives you a rating from one to 100 to know what your level of influence is and determine when you should issue messages.


In this it is possible to create alerts about the keywords that you use in your content to know what relevance they are having on social networks. You can also detect what you can do better by comparing your strategy with that of your competitors.


If your content is more visual and you share it on Instagram and Pinterest, this is the ideal tool to monitor its effectiveness. It offers you accurate data on user interactions and this information allows you to identify the most participatory and influential.

Tweet Deck

Another specialized tool, but this one for following up on Twitter. You can manage several accounts at the same time and search by specific topics, events and tags to know what is being talked about on this platform with millions of users. It gives you the option to track lists and the activity of your followers to stay ahead of trends.

Google Alerts

We close with another classic tool that allows you to track the queries that have been made about your brand in the powerful Google search engine, as well as the keywords that you are using in your campaign. Receive the reports in your email with the frequency you want.

Marketing for social media is only one part of your content marketing strategy, since it will be useless to produce the best blog articles, infographics or videos if you do not find out about its impact on your audience and the reactions it causes.

Do you monitor your accounts? How do you use the information collected for your decision making?


Now that all brands are present on the internet, you must implement differentiation strategies in digital marketing to stand out.

The concept contains its meaning. Differentiation strategies in digital marketing are based on strategic planning and execution of campaigns that project what makes your product or service different.

Plan and measure

To make your brand stand out you require, in addition to originality, a plan that includes what you want to convey, how to transmit it and how to measure the results of your campaigns to identify what works, and replicate it, what does not, and correct it.

It is not necessarily about knowing how to use the budgets assigned to digital marketing, but about using the tools at your fingertips to listen to your target audience and respond to their needs.

Personalize communication.

Customizing your brand messages is what will set you apart from the competition. Currently, consumers have the power of decision and action, they do not wait for you to look for them and sell them or impose your product or service.


Rather, they surf the internet and use social media to find solutions to their needs. For this reason, listening to them and developing optimized campaigns so that they find you is essential.

Know your prospects.

If you ask yourself “how to differentiate my brand in digital media?”, Base the planning of your digital marketing strategy on:

  • Listen to your customers and prospects to fully understand who they are and what their interests and needs are.
  • Distribute valuable and quality content that offer solutions.
  • Optimize your content so that it is easily positioned in internet search engines.
  • Collect information about your prospects to increasingly personalize your communication with them.
  • Be at the forefront of market trends and advances in technology platforms.
  • Know what your competition does to define what makes your brand different.
  • Take advantage of the analytical tools at your fingertips to measure the results of your efforts.
  • Adapt and make adjustments when necessary to achieve your goals.

Use KPIs.

Checking if your digital marketing differentiation strategy is working is easy if you use key performance indicators (KPIs) at every stage of the sales process.

From traffic to your website and the interaction of your prospects with your brand to closings, everything can be measured with the right tools and the right KPIs.

Build trust.

Focusing strategy on the client and showing concern for their well-being is the main aim of blue world city Islamabad that open the door to their trust. They will have you as a reference in your industry and will share their experiences with your brand.

Excellent attention and customer service, combining your willingness to listen to him when what he has to say is negative, will serve as a guide to guide him through the sales tunnel to achieve conversion and loyalty.

The level of personalization that you achieve in your communication with him will be, in the end, what differentiates your brand from the competition.


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