In Memory of His Majesty, the Prince
July 7, 1994 - May 2, 2009

Prince lived to 15 years old. He had a great life, but he had to have lots of teeth pulled, because he had chronic gum disease.

He finally got all the rest of them pulled! (But, he forgave me...he felt so much better, and he got all the yummy Fancy Feast, roasted turkey, and baked chicken which he loved!)

He was the Crowned Prince of Catitonia!

Here is his castle!

Prince had a lot of adventures, during his long life...

He played Pirates with Pookie and the gang..

He was even a sheik, once!

He had his own yacht, of course

And of course, his own Royal Purple sports car!

His Meowmie was forever dressing him in silly costumes..

He was a very popular, handsome guy!

He came from a long line of Royal Meezers...

He even had a portrait made by the talented and legendary Georg Williams!

He is very much missed by his Mommy who used to be his "cat mattress"...

Rest in Peace my dear Prince. I'll meet you at the Bridge...



My Prince, (a long tailed Seal-Point),
though toothless and old, rules the joint.
"Getz OWT of myne chair...
yu KNOWZ I sitz there!"
And with a gruff "WAAAAAH", makes his point!


Here is His Blog (the goings-on at the castle):

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