This is our chocolate Lab, Buddy!

Two summers ago, I spent a lot of time, sitting on my back porch. One day, this chocolate lab came running thru the yard, paused momentarily, then went on his way.

Well, this also happened the next two days. I started thinking, "hmmm, this dog must be lost. He needs *Sustenance*: so, I fed & watered him. After that, he plopped down on my back porch & adopted me as his "Hooman".

Well, I started scouting around, and just by blind luck, I found out who Buddy (as I now called him) belonged to. Trouble was, the guy didn't want him back. Said "that is the most *hyper* dog I have ever seen and I don't want him back.

You'd have to know Buddy to know what a crazy statement that was. All Buddy does is lie down, eat, lie down, lay his head in your lap, lie down....

I had had Buddy for about 2 wks, didn't really want a fourth dog, so when my daughter was moving out to a real rural area, about 15 miles from the small town I live in, she asked if she could have Buddy and I said yes.

She took Buddy home with her. She had a fenced yard, and also a fenced kennel area where she would put him up for the night.

Buddy put up with that arrangement for about 5 days and decided he would rather live with me! He *walked* 15 miles back to my town, and right to my house. I saw him trotting down the drive, to my back porch, like he had just gone for a few minutes' stroll!

Well, needless to say, Buddy owns me completely now. He weighs 96 lbs. (fatso), and he sleeps with me in my bed at night, crowding me out of my bed, just about.

Buddy is terrified of thunder! When it thunders, he shivers and shakes, pants and drools; crawls up in the bed to keep close to me. Here is a limerick my husband wrote for Buddy:


It thundered on Buddy one night,
The hundred-pound Lab took a fright!
Though chocolate he was,
You see what fear does,
He's still a big baby, but white!