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M.E.O.W. Shelter & Sanctuary
"Making Each Orphan Wanted"

A no-cage, no-kill shelter for kitties, (and a few dogs), run by a private family.
We're in Blanchester (an hour from Cincinnati, or Dayton, OH).

only adopting out the occasional cat. All the cats here have permanent sanctuary for the rest of their lives.


This kitten (and 12 others) are looking for a forever home...

Contact me if you are looking for a kitten!!!
My email addy is posted below...


In Memoriam of His Majesty, the Prince
July 7, 1994 - May 2, 2009
His Tribute Page is HERE.

And introducing our newest family member, Prince's little cousin,
Her Royal Highness, the Princess!

Princess is modeling one of our jewelry creations.
You can see more jewelry on our Glamour Puss jewelry shop page,
and while you're there, check out my original art cat greeting cards,
order custom portraits of your pet, and a photo retouching/restoration service!
all proceeds go to support these MEOW kitties!


Please feel free to Email Us if there is any way we can help you.
Oftentimes, we have Prayed for help and guidance.

All kitties have been neutered or spayed.
Click on your browser's "back" button to return to this page.
(A star after the name indicates that the kitty already has been adopted,
or else has become one of my Rainbow Babies).

Click on the names to see a photo of a cat or dog:
Dovey* Aspen* Isis*&Pooh* Max*
Garfield* Steely Dan* CoCo* Annie
Baby Stubby Gray BeeBee*
Dottie Mouse Charlie Chappy
Oliver* Socks* Vicky* Bunny*
Pookie Bis-Kit Whiskers Sparky

The Whole Gang in 2008

Here is a Happy Poem that my husband wrote about cats.

Here is a Comforting Poem that my husband wrote for those who have lost a beloved pet.

Meet my dog, Buddy and two of the cats, Prince and Algernon.

And here are a few Family Photos.

Here is my collection of Recipes.

Collection of Animoto Videos HERE.

Collection of my illustrated, Short Stories (kitty/fantasy) HERE.

Sample of my artwork (pastel pet portraits) HERE.

About me HERE.


Here is a poem my husband wrote about our shelter:

"M.E.O.W. Shelter"

We've closed the shelter
Can't take any more
Put out the word
Sign on the door

Someone is knocking
Basket in tow
I know just what's coming
Gotta say no

Oh, two healthy babies
Sweet as can be
They know in a moment
Salvation is me

They grab my heart with
eyes pretty blue
My soul hears a feeble
"Please take me, please do"

My resolve is slowing
Still judgement says nope
Grim fate is unspoken
If I'm not their hope

They're cute and so helpless
But my work load would soar
Raise babies by myself
Two months or more?

Then show for adoption
They'll like what they see
But prob'ly by then
They'll be family

"OK then I'll take 'em
can you give me a little?"
"Sorry", she said
"It's tight as a fiddle"

You see there's no end
to this desperate need
Please spay and neuter
and help us succeed

R J Doss 2006

(If you like his poetry, here are some More Poems)

If you would like to inquire about adopting, please email us at:

M.E.O.W. Shelter
P.O. Box 80
Blanchester, OH 45107

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